个人情况 Position Desired: HR Manager?
Name: ******** Sex: Male/Female
Date of birth:June 2,1975 Address: *****
Status: Single/Married Post: 100001
  1.70M Weight: 50kg
Health: Excellent Eamil Address: 123456@sohu.com
BP: 191-2222222 Tel: 12321456
Handphone: 1391111111 Personalize Homepage:akshf@aj.com
Current Annual Salary:50,000RMB?
特长 ◆Over eleven years of extensive computer/electronics experience.Versed in both digital and analog electronics with specific emphasis on computer hardware/software.Special expertise in system and component evaluation.Network supervisor responsible for installing/maintaining Arcnet LAN system.Proficient in assembly and C programming languagesL.Excellent communication skills including written,verbal and interpersonal。
◆IBM:WordPerfect,Word for Windows;Maclntosh:Microsoft Word,FileMaker.
◆AT&T and Compaq PC's with Samna program;data entry,CRT,typing(55 wpm)?
◆Maclntosh:Pagemaker,Word. IBM and Macintosh.Lotus 1-2-3 and Microsoft Word.
◆Maclntosh:Pagemaker,Word. IBM:WordPerfect,Excel and rBase.
◆Proficient in Microsoft Word,WordPerfect,Lotus 1-2-3,and Quark. Working knowledge of the French language.?
◆Typing(60 wpm),Shorthand(60-70 wpm),WANG Word Processing,knowledge of other word processing systems.Fluency in German,good verbal and written communications skills.
◆Systems:Lexitron,PTS 100,IBM Personal Computer Software:WordStar,Accounting Plus,Symphony,Lotus 1-2-3,WordPerfect,DOS,Microsoft Word
◆At school I won a scholarship and the first prize in speech contest.
◆I have received an ordinary English education,and have a slight knowledge of Spanish.I took a Spanish course in college.
◆I can write shorthand at the rate of 120 words per minute,and typewriting at 55 words English.?
◆At school I won a scholarship and the first prize in speech contest.
工作经验 ◆Dunphy & Reilly,Inc. Senior Internal Auditor Conducted operational and financial audits of manufacturing subsidiaries. Designed and implemented audit programs to test the efficiency of all aspects of accounting controls. Recommended changes and improvements to corporate and divisional management. Trained and supervised staff auditors in all aspects of accounting controls. Trained and supervised staff auditors in all aspects of the audit engagement. Involved with corporate management in areas of acquisition and corporate development.
◆DEVONSHIRE EQUIPMENT,INC,Loretto,PA Staff Auditor Plan,identify,and test controls;present findings and recommend actions to management. Assist in the audits of New England,Northwest,New Jersey,Washington,D.C.,Southeast,and Great Lakes Districts and U.S.Areas General Ledger Group.
◆EMERSON ASSOCIATES,Wayne,NE office Manager Arrange logistics for office expansion and relocation.Establish office procedures and systems.Actuate/implement filing system,client billing system and bookkeeping.Order supplies;maintain inventory.Handle word processing and receptionist responsibilities.
◆Stevenson Data Systems,Los Angeles,CA Components Evaluation Engineer Responsible for the characterization and evaluation of,and approved vendors list for:Power supplies,oscillators,crystals,and programmable logic used in desktop and laptop computers.Evaluated and recommended quality components that increased product profitability.Created and developed power supply test plan used for evaluating third party power supplies.Interacted with vendors to resolve problems associated with components qualification. Technical advisor for Purchasing.Promoted to Engineerll.?
  1.Previous job PositionFrom to
  2.Present job PositionFromto Interests Signature Date
学历? ◆BROWN UNIVERSITY,Providence,RI Ph.D.in Sociology,1974 CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY,Pittsburgh,PA Master of Education-Counseling Major,1972 MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE,Middlebury,VT Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education-Art Minor,1968
◆Massasoit Junior College,Canton,MA A.S.Management,1978 Honor society
◆Graduated Dave Erickson"Public Speaking"course,1993 University of Dallas,Irvine,TX,1992,Graduated Summa Cum Laude Bachelor of Science Degree in Education,Minor in English ● Member of Kappa Krappa Gamma Honor Society ● Dean's List four years?
◆Marquette University,College of Liberal Arts,Milwaukee,WI Bachelor of Arts in Soviet Politics GPA in major:
  4.0 Study Abroad:Hamburg,St.Petersburg,Moscow,Paris,1993 Five-week study of Soviet languages
◆Bronte College,New Castle,ME Master of Science in Accountancy,expected completion August,1993 Carroll College,Helena,MT Bachelor of Arts in Business Management,December,1986
◆University of Massachusetts-Boston Course work in General Management Practices,Business & Finance,Accounting,1986-1987 Aquinas Junior College A.S.Marketing,1981?
◆Beijing University.I expect to receive my degree of Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering in June,2001 Major Courses Studied:Fundamentals of Metallurgy、Metallurgy of Iron and Steel、Ferrous Alloys、Nonferrous Alloys Other Courses that Would Prove Useful in this Position:Fundamentals of Writing、The History of Science、Creative Writing Psychology Scholastic Record:For 3'/2 years I have been in the upper third of my class scholastically;during my first two years I earned approximately half of my college expenses working in the bookstore and library.
◆Fishing,cooking,reading mysteries?
◆Baking,Sailing,Reading Poetry.?
◆Skiing,Scuba Diving,Mystery Novels.
薪金 ◆My salary requirement is in the $100,000-$120,000 range with appropriate benefits.I would be willing to relocate for the right opportunity.
◆The salary required is 12,000 per month,living in the house.
◆I am quite willing to start with a small salary.
◆I am willing to serve on trial for some months at a small salary.?
◆I got five thousand and five hundred per month.  



  怎样撰写毕业求职自荐信  求职自荐信是毕业生向用人单位自我推荐的书面材料,是毕业生所有求职材料中至为关键的支柱性文件,其写作质量直接关系到毕业生择业的成功与否。因此,自荐信被称为毕业生求职的"敲门砖"。   自荐信的重点在于"荐",在构思上一定要围绕"为何荐","凭何荐"、"怎么荐"的思路安排,其格式一般分为标题、称呼、正文、附件和落款五部分。   1、标题 标题是自荐信的标志和称谓,要求醒目、简 ...

大学生面试求职技巧面试唇枪舌剑十招:三思而后答 随机而应变

  求职面试时,为了能在较短的时间内成功地推销自我,应试者的讲话策略与口才是一个关键因素。教你几招,不妨一试。 第一招:把紧自己的嘴巴,三思而后答。 面试场上,考官们经常采用的一个基本策略就是尽量让应试者多讲话,目的在于多了解一些应试者在书面材料中没有反映的情况。 有一位求职者在面试时,当考官问“你有什么缺点”时,他按事先准备好的答案作了回答。但他一看考官听了之后没有吱声,就以为是自己答得不好,又怕冷场,于是又讲了一个缺点。可是考官一直静静地听着还是不说话,就这样,求职者一个又一个地讲了不少,而且都 ...


  简历中10个应该避免的问题1, 过多着墨于工作任务 最常见的简历误区之一就是把简历变成一长串令人厌烦的工作任务和责任的清单。很多人甚至用公司的工作描述作为写简历的指导。To create a resume that is a cut above the rest, you should go beyond showing what was required of you and demonstrate how you made a difference at each company. 提供具体 ...


  求职信常用语句:叙述个人的能力1. I am a good accountant and have a thorough knowledge of the English language. 我是一个优秀的会计员,同时深信对英文颇为熟练。 2. For the past five years, I have been engaged as a correspondence clerk. 在过去三年,本人一直担任对外书信主稿。 3. I am able to take dictation in E ...


  大学生求职简历制作面试技巧与礼仪国立华侨大学工商管理学院 人力资源管理系 教授、 张向前 教授、博士讲座提纲第一部分 大学生简历制作 第二部分 面试技巧与礼仪 第三部分 几点启示大学生简历制作--第一部分 大学生简历制作 提纲一、简历历史 二、简历的组成 三、常见错误一、简历历史1早期名称“谒”。 所谓“谒”就是拜访 者把名字和其它介绍文字写在竹片或木片 上 2东汉末期,“谒”又被改称为“刺”, “刺”由竹木片改成了更便于携带的纸张。 3唐宋拜访,必须先递“门状”,这时 “刺”的名称也就被“门状 ...


  英文简历常用短语搜狐 (2002-01-04 21:08:23) 个人情况 Position Desired: HR Manager Name: ******** Sex: Male/Female Date of birth:June 2,1975 Address: ***** Status: Single/Married Post: 100001 Height: 1.70M Weight: 50kg Health: Excellent Eamil Address: 123456@sohu. ...


  该部分内容同于程序员面试宝典(一)的英语词汇部分内容 个人资料name 姓名 alias 别名 pen name 笔名 date of birth 出生日期 birth date 出生日期 born 出生于 birth place 出生地点 street 街 lane 胡同,巷 road 路 district house number 门牌 health 健康状况 health condition 健康状况 blood type 血型 short-sighted 近视 far-sighted 远 ...


  帮你写英文简历之实用语句 一、说明应聘职位 Stating Your Job Objective 1、A responsible administrative position which will provide challenge and freedom where I can bring my initiative and creativity into full play. 负责管理的职位,该职位将提供挑战和自由,使我能充分发挥我的进取精神及创造能力。 2、 An executive a ...


  在求职面试中,没有人能保证不犯错误。只是聪明的求职者会不断地修正错误走向成熟。然而在面试中有些错误却是一些相当聪明的求职者也难免会一犯再犯的,我们权称之为"高级"错误。某跨国公司人力资源管理专家总结经验,列举出常见的十二种"高级"错误,以飨读者。不善于打破沉默面试开始时,应试者不善“破冰”(即打破沉默),而等待面试官打开话匣。面试中,应试者又出于种种顾虑,不愿主动说话,结果使面试出现冷场。即便能勉强打破沉默,语音语调亦极生硬,使场面更显尴尬。实际上,无论是 ...

大学生面试求职技巧12种面试的提问方式全剖析 教你随机应变

  在面试中,主考官要获得关于应试者的不同方面的情况,如心理特点、行为特征、能力素质,由于要测评的内容是多方面的,这就要求主考官根据评定内容的不同来采取相应的提问方式。面试中常用的提问方式有以下几种:1、连串式提问。即主考官向面试者提出一连串相关的问题,要求应试者逐个回答。这种提问方式主要是考察面试者的反应能力、思维的逻辑性和条理性。例如:"你在过去的工作中出现过什么重大失误?如果有,是什么?从这件事本身你吸取的教训是什么?如果今后在遇到此类情况,你会如何处理?"回答这个问题,首 ...



  基础会计论文课堂情境教学论文: 基础会计》 基础会计论文课堂情境教学论文: 基础会计》课堂情境教学的探索 论文课堂情境教学论文 《 和思考 摘要:情景教学适应了社会对人才培养的要求,符合人一般的认 知规律, 《基础会计》 在 课堂采用情境教学, 能达到良好的教学效果, 深受学生欢迎。 本文通过阐述 《基础会计》 课堂情境教学的理论依据, 剖析《基础会计》教学的特点和存在的主要问题,针对性地提出了几 种实施《基础会计》情境教学的基本策略。 关键词: 基础会计;情境教学;探索和思考 情境教学是以情境 ...


  合同编号:软件销售合同软件名称:●机械加工工艺手册(软件网络版)R1.0 ●机械设计手册(软件网络版)R2.0 ●工程材料手册 金属卷(软件网络版)V1.0 ●工程材料手册 非金属卷(软件网络版)V1.0 ●冲模设计手册(软件网络版)V R1.0 ●塑料模设计手册(软件网络版)R1.0 ●机床夹具设计手册(软件网络版)R1.0 ●液压设计手册(软件网络版)V1.0 ●钣金手册(软件网络版)V1.0 ●五金手册(软件网络版)V1.0 ●结构件工艺手册(软件网络版)V1.0 ●压铸模设计手册(软件网 ...


  萧山区物价局 2007 年工作总结 及 2008 年工作思路(一) 2007 年, 我局紧紧围绕政府关注、 群众关心的价格热点问题, 结合全区物价工作实际,开展了一系列的价格工作,对维持价格 总水平稳定,整顿和规范价格秩序,构建和谐社会起到了积极作 用。现将今年工作情况汇报如下: 一、 努力保持市场价格总水平的基本稳定 今年以来,我区价格总水平呈逐月上升趋势。1~5 月,居民 消费价格指数涨幅尚在 3\\\%的范围内运行,但从 6 月开始,上涨 幅度加大,6~11 月的涨幅分别为 3.5\\\% ...


  非全日制劳动合同书编号:甲 方:乙 方:签订日期: 年 月 日甲方(用人单位)用人单位名称用人单位住所法定代表人或负责人乙方(劳动者)姓 名性 别出生年月文化程度联系方式户籍所在地实际居住地居民身份证号码其他有效身份证件名称 证件号码社会保险个人编号甲乙双方根据《中华人民共和国劳动合同法》和有关法律,法规,规章规定,在平等自 愿,公平公正,协商一致,诚实信用的基础上签订本合同,共同遵守本合同所列条款.一,本合同于 年 月 日生效.二,乙方同意根据甲方工作需要,担任或从事以下工作:三,工作地点:四 ...


  电子商务中心招电子商务中心简介:"聘"网络人才河南新华电脑学院电子商务中心是培训电子商务实用性人才建设的一个最佳有效平台,它采 取"专项培训+一体实战"型运作模式,既可满足学生的学习要求,又能锻炼学生的学习 实战能力和经验积累.它意义在于培养 21 世纪互联网网商网络营销的工作经验.培训人才类型:电子商务中心主管助理(一名)网络推广专员,博客营销专员, 网页设计师,数据分析员网站维护管理,电子杂志专员,平面设计师,动画设计师(若干名)培训期限: 30 天, ...